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We help our clients improve and modernise their approach to IT security, shifting application and platform security concerns earlier in the development lifecycle and increasing the use of automation.

This combination allows companies to innovate quickly, safe in the knowledge that they are not exposing themselves to risk.

Security is also a key concern for organisations moving to the cloud, who need confidence that their platforms and data are secure. TSI assist our clients in the secure build, deployment and operation of enterprise class cloud platforms.

Cloud security


Review and analyse application infrastructure and data security policies and ensure they are supported by cloud-native lifecycle management process.


Design and implementation of static and runtime security scanning solutions that identify threats and vulnerabilities earlier in the SDLC.


Design, build and implementation of secure container provisioning processes that enable real-time scanning of containers to proactively address vulnerabilities and third party attacks.

Business Outcome

  • Accelerate software delivery by eliminating last-minute security bottlenecks
  • Decrease risk by identifying threats earlier
  • Decrease likelihood of a breach