Our History

ThoughtStorm is a global firm providing consulting solutions and services to organizations of all sizes across various industries.

In 2003, PCS launched providing consulting solutions to a niche marketspace. With the growing demand for our services, ThoughtStorm was formed in 2012 to cater to a wider variety of clients and industries. In 2017, PCS was merged into ThoughtStorm to better cater to our clients’ requirements.

For us, every client is unique, and although many of our clients face similar business and technology challenges, no two businesses are alike. We strive to address our clients’ needs with a holistic, all-encompassing, customized approach. This involves gaining a deep understanding of our client’s business, processes, supporting technologies and their corporate culture. Having this understanding allows us to embark on an approach to design and implement solutions that are tailored for our client’s environment and are sustainable long into the future.

Our consultants engage with all levels within the organization, from frontline staff to the executive team, ensuring that our solutions align across the entire organizational spectrum. With this direct team based approach, our results are quick, exceeding our clients’ expectations.

About Us

Our Vision

To become the most trusted partner providing best in class business and technology services and solutions that enable our clients to achieve their business goals.

Our Mission

Our company’s mission is built on four core values which guide our every action:
  • Value – We will provide our clients with services and solutions that meet their unique business needs and deliver value that earns their respect.
  • Quality – We will maintain the highest standards of service quality by delivering solutions that are sustainable and scalable.
  • Integrity – We will uphold the highest level of integrity and sincerity by being transparent and trustworthy with our clients and partners.
  • People – We will invest in our most valuable asset, our employees, by developing them through continuous learning so they can continue delivering value to our clients.

Our Approach

At ThoughtStorm we like to use a simple and agile approach for undertaking complex initiatives. We work very closely with out clients during the Discover phase to gain a deep understanding of our clients’ business environment. We explore problems, challenges and opportunities which are then translated into tangible initiatives that the client organization must undertake to achieve its business goals and objectives. This includes a 360-degree analysis of every internal and external variable that influences options, recommendations and implications.

After a thorough discovery, we then develop a Plan that sets out the clear roadmap of what must be accomplished to complete the proposed initiatives. The plan phase requires a multi-faceted approach which considers factors such as capabilities, organizational maturity, resources, priorities, constraints, schedules and quality objectives.

ThoughtStorm then embarks to Deliver the plan as per the agreed upon baseline. A successful delivery depends on the disciplined approach that involves proactive risks and issues management, progress tracking and reporting, responding to internal and external changes, and ensuring decisions are made in a timely fashion. During the deliver phase, we ensure our client organization is ready to receive and operationalize the final solution(s). Our ultimate reward is the successful transition and implementation of a solution which exceeds our clients’ expectations.

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Our Unique Selling Proposition

Our Timeline

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Our Team

At ThoughtStorm, we simplify the process of managing complex changes. We are a group of business professionals experienced in managing large scale transformations for both public and private sector clients. Our consultants have managed complex and strategic programs for organizations, which have grown their business and increased profitability.

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