Machine learning and AI has the potential to offer direct, measurable business benefits. At ThoughtStorm, we can help deliver solutions that let your business run smarter, by giving you smart technology to work with.


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

ThoughtStorm’s experts have a deep understanding of AI from the perspective of it’s users and the capabilities to bring integrate data science and artificial intelligence to deliver smart solutions to our clients.

The Future is Here

As an artificial intelligence consulting organization, we can help you spot AI opportunities and eliminate barriers to AI innovation. With our expertise in applied AI and software development you can build intelligent systems that replicate human tasks but do these tasks quicker and cheaper, anytime and anywhere. We leverage the newest deep learning technology platforms and frameworks for rapid prototyping and long-term support. Being a leading Machine Learning and AI firm, we aspire to build state-of-the-art custom solutions to help you bring your business to a new level and leave your competitors far behind.

Re-imagining Business with AI

AI is reinventing how businesses run, compete and thrive in ways we have not seen since the Industrial Revolution. AI will help leaders drive innovations to unlock trapped value in the core businesses and beyond over the next years. The problem with AI is that it is like a black box for people. Organizations working on AI-based products cannot demonstrate clearly about their vision and what they have achieved with the help of AI techniques. TSI will collect data from across your organization to create one actionable plan which will allow your organization to engage with customers/employees on the channels of their choice for seamless customer experiences. We look at AI from a business point of view, while still considering the technology. The opportunities with AI are endless:

  • Product performance
  • Task Automation (workflow automation)
  • Decision Making (with new data learning)
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Cross-Department Efficiency (Solve traditional challenges)
  • Reduce Human Cost
  • Improve customer Relations

Transforming your Business

Improving customer experience and creating new and engaging ways of interaction with customers is today’s number one priority for any organization to grow and succeed.

ThoughtStorm, a customer experience consulting firm, harnesses the power of AI and machine learning technologies with a view to implement the cutting-edge approach to ensuring exceptional customer experience.

Our business model is to provide professional services to companies focused on artificial intelligence and machine learning. TSI takes a holistic approach to AI and machine learning in that the company provides both hardware and software to support AI from the cloud all the way to the edge.

TSI will identify the data required and collect it from available data resources, provided by your team or online. Once collected we process the data to find the patterns required to build the solution. We look for data challenges and once resolved we roll out pilot projects for business to find gap between current and designed capabilities for your enterprise solution. After successful pilot launch, we work with your team to build the final solution for your departments. This stage may require redesign of business processes and workflows for an effective AI solution implementation.

With our engineering-driven culture, strong product management approaches, expertise in software development and machine learning, we can successfully work together to build a new technology for your business.

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In the days before the Internet, selling a business was a slow but straightforward process: The buyer…

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In the days before the Internet, selling a business was a slow but straightforward process: The buyer…