Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Our ERP software services enable enterprises to map the risks and opportunities of ERP solutions, including lifecycle impacts.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Elevate your business operations with a successful ERP Implementation

Businesses must ensure their viability in today’s marketplace by ensuring have a robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that delivers the comprehensive data analysis, automation and full-scale infrastructure integration capabilities. ERP can be a powerful data management solution that will allow you to – 

  • Keep your data safe  
  • Maintain compliance to regulatory requirements 
  • Stay on top of technology solutions and stay ahead of your competitors 
  • Enhance your interdepartmental collaboration with centralized data 
  • Streamline business processes and leverage automation capabilities 
  • Enable your staff to from anywhere, on any device 
  • Increase your operational efficiency by removing redundant tasks 
  • Deliver superior customer service experiences 
  • Leverage enhance forecasting and reporting to make better decisions 
  • Improve your bottom line 

We lead our manufacturing, distribution, and retail clients into the next phase of their evolution by managing organizational processes and automating various back-office tasks related to human resource and technology services. We partner with you through the entire transformation lifecycle: solutions architecture, system selection, project implementation, and ongoing optimization.

TSI consultants take a holistic approach to ERP implementation, assuring that technology works but making sure your process is optimized and your employees are ready for change. We streamline information and processes across your entire organization by integrating various functions into a single system while supporting different functional business units. TSI creates a flow that helps you get more value out of our ERP system and makes your business more efficient, flexible and future proof.

Your Strategic Partner in ERP Success

ThoughtStorm is positioned to be a strong partner in meeting your ERP implementation needs, whether it’s creating your ERP solution strategy, providing consultative support of delivering the entire solution from A to Z. We can help you determine which ERP software is best suited for your industry and for addressing your business needs. We can manage the entire solution implementation from defining requirements, customizing the software, testing and implementation including training and post go live support.


  • Solution Consulting
  • IT Infrastructure Strategy & Roadmap Implementation
  • Project Management
  • Implementation Strategy
  • ERP process support
  • Post go live support
  • IT managed services

Application Consulting:

ThoughtStorm’s expert consultants will complete an end to end analysis of your industry, your unique business strategies, business processes, technologies, organization structures and skills. Which will help you make informed decisions on questions like ERP choice, customization and how to use your existing business systems to their full potential. ThoughtStorm will partner with you to identify and assess specialized vendors/solutions that may provide more industry-specific features and software customization which may be a better fit for your business. We have extensive knowledge and experience with leading ERP systems including SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, E2, Workday, Odoo…

IT infrastructure Strategy & Roadmap Implementation:

When you are spending significant time and money implementing or upgrading ERP solutions, you want some assurance that the final product will be sustainable in the long term. Therefore, having a well thought out infrastructure strategy and roadmap ensures that the foundation of your ERP solution is strong. Our team will help your organization to define your infrastructure needs based on your unique business, and its current and future demands. so that your

Project Management & Implementation Strategy:

You’ve heard about 70% ERP implementation failure rates and you’ve read the horror stories about cost and schedule overruns. How to avoid all this? You need a partner like ThoughtStorm with deep expertise, industry knowledge and a proven ERP implementation methodology. TSI’s project management team will lead you step by step through the complexities of business processes, change management, training and implementation. By leveraging project management best practices and applying what’s best for your business, ThoughtStorm will ensure that business value is delivered consistently and frequently, while making sure end-users are involved in every step of the way from determining requirements, testing and finding & addressing gaps between the product features and the business needs.

ERP Process Support:

ERP implementations are unsuccessful in many cases, as the end product does not deliver the value that was expected by the team or organization. Despite making huge investments in ERP solution implementation, training & support, companies still struggle with end user productivity which is hindered by poor usability of the new system. This often occurs because people and processes are ignored or overlooked and more focus in put on the dazzling bells and whistles of the system At ThoughtStorm, we start by understanding your business processes and identifying bottlenecks, pain points so that processes are mapped out and optimized before they are automated using the ERP system.

Post Go Live Support:

Our dedicated consulting professional will provide technical and business support until your organization and teams are familiar and comfortable with the new ERP solution. A successful ERP implementation is based on end-user usability and adoption, especially in the early stages post go live. Our post go live support model will be designed to meet your unique needs, depending on where your staff are located, whether is it certain time of the day or around the clock wherever the sun is shining.

IT Managed Services:

One of the most important factors in ERP implementation is having experienced IT professionals on your side. Managed IT services is the evolution of the reactive or break/fix technical support for any IT solution. The ThoughtStorm approach to this is to ensure all aspects of IT are covered while enabling your business to grow and operate smoothly. ThoughtStorm will provide you with all the skill and expertise needed to manage your organizations IT needs.

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