Supply Chain Management

Our supply chain management solutions deliver business impact to clients by increasing supply chain visibility and reducing operational costs.


SCM and Logistics Solutions

Driving Though Disruption

The Supply Chain & Logistics industry are undergoing a major transformation. There are political, social, economic, environmental, technological and legal challenges facing business owners every day. In order to remain competitive, business owners have no choice but to add improved and advanced technologies in order to transform their warehousing, distribution, shipping and transport management.

The Need for Technology Across the Entire Value Chain

Supply Chain & Logistics industry section has is evolving every day. However, with introduction of the digitalization, the scope of evolution has increased exponentially. The internet has led to immense potential for communication and collaboration, thus giving rise to advanced supply chain and logistics management software and tools etc. Alongside, there is also a huge growth in the supply chain velocity. This has led to increased cost through information sharing and synchronization between trading partners and transportation service providers.

Currently, the challenges faced by the logistics industry are-

  • Poor infrastructure
  • Trade regulations
  • Trained manpower
  • Lack of training institutions
  • Poor warehouse and storage
  • Lack of research and development of industries
  • Safety & Risk
  • Need to collaboration and communication

Optimizing Supply Chain Management

At ThoughtStorm, we are re-imagining existing frameworks, processes and systems around transport and logistics management- leading to a holistic overhaul of operations and strategy. The objective is to harness the power of digital in order to drive down costs, enhance supply chain integration, and increase market power through customer fulfilment.

It has been observed that incorporating the correct approach results in increased accuracy, on time delivery, enhanced visibility through supply chain, improved customer satisfaction and added flexibility to the overall project. We have consulting and solutions delivery expertise in the following domains and supply chain management and logistics:

  • eCommerce logistics
  • Warehousing & inventory management
  • Trucking
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Freight Management and Supply Chain Visibility
  • Asset Tagging and Tracking
  • Threat Detection and Alerting
  • Risk Management

Our Methodologies

Integrating IT Frameworks, Methodologies and Best Practices Into IT Delivery and Operation

At ThoughtStorm, we leverage practical and integrated solutions and operations management approaches. Our architecture strategy delivery & management processes are customized and aligned to our client’s unique industries and business domains.

Our Architecture Strategy Delivery focuses on

  • Visioning and Strategy
  • Architecture Solution and Design
  • Development, Customization and Configuration
  • Implementation and Deployment
  • Operations Management and Control

Our Management Processes focuses on

  • Enterprise Management
  • Program & Portfolio Management
  • Project Management
  • Service Management
  • Architecture Management

We are well-versed in hundreds of software development methodologies and project management frameworks, but more importantly we have the expertise to know which methodologies are best suited for your organization and which industry best practices are ‘right’ practices for your organization.

Create analytics models

We leverage data and insights from these predictions to develop models that can simulate the sequencing of impact during unforeseen global crisis scenarios.

Leveraging Blockchain

Developing a blockchain platform with Freight and Logistics leaders to transform trade and drive efficiency through the sector.

Connected ports

Raise productivity and efficiency of all port operations by applying new tech and IoT platforms to connect existing hardware and digitize processes.

Blockchain- An emerging technology

Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 brought Blockchain into picture through his bitcoin white paper. In recent times, the development of blockchain has become very rapid because of its applicability, that is not only limited to the Bitcoin network but also in various other domains due to the features like being highly secure and robust. It has already received the attention of big companies…


Digital Twins

Digital twin refers to the digital replica or representation of a physical object or an intangible system, which can be examined, altered and tested without interacting with it in the real world and avoiding negative consequences. In simpler terms, it can be thought of an online platform for testing, creating and alerting objects that are based in reality…



Geohashing is a geocoding method used to encode geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude) into a short string of digits and letters delineating an area on a map, which is called a cell, with varying resolutions. The more are the characters present in a string, the more precise is the location. The main idea that geohashing follows is that it divides the earth into a…