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At ThoughtStorm, we recognize that building a high-performing team is the cornerstone of organizational success. Our Talent Advisory services go beyond traditional recruitment, offering a holistic approach that aligns your talent strategy with your business objectives. Whether you are scaling your workforce, seeking niche expertise, or navigating workforce challenges, ThoughtStorm is your strategic partner in talent acquisition and development. 




  • ThoughtStorm’s Account Management team, while sharing the new job requested by the clients, also creates a job skill matrix to be filled to evaluate prospective candidate skills by our recruitment team and forwarded to our Recruitment Manager along-with the candidate resume 


  • Our recruitment team completes the skill matrix to determine candidate’s acquired skills, and updates are made in the ThoughtStorm database, along-with the candidate Resume

Strategic Talent Acquisition: Elevating Your Team 

In the dynamic landscape of IT, attracting and retaining top-tier talent is essential for staying competitive. ThoughtStorm’s Talent Advisory services provide

  • Prepare job Skill matrix including mandatory and preferred skills listed by the client.
  • Perform blind candidate screening focusing only on job-skills by removing demographic data thereby eliminating hiring bias
  • Candidates are assessed during the initial application phase using the skills matrix
  • Account Managers dedicated to the client, conduct in-person/video interviews to screen outstanding candidates from the diverse candidate pool
  • Candidate body language is observed for gaining intricacies of the individual Interviewee is encouraged to speak about services provided for the references submitted by them, for a cross check of these facts, later on during a call with their references
  • Each candidate is assigned a score on a scale of 1-10, using an M.E.P. system (Mandatory, Essential, Preferred).
  • Select strongest candidate(s) for client submission and inform all applicants of next steps (whether shortlisted or retained for futured opportunities).

Professional Services Navigating IT Talent Challenges 

Navigating the complexities of IT talent management requires expertise and a strategic approach. ThoughtStorm offers professional services including

ThoughtStorm's Approach To Candidate Reference Check

Below is the general approach we follow to conduct reference checks for candidates:

Collect Reference Details during the interview
Collect Reference Details during the interview

Digital disruptions are forcing banking and financial services organizations to rethink their operating models. Customers are demanding real time social interactions, competitive products, and personalized services; regulations are continually imposing financial and operational controls; and the pressures to increase operational efficiency keep mounting on leaders. Competition in banking is fiercer than ever, reputations are at stake and underperforming is simply not an option.

Compose a list of job Specfic Questions
Compose a list of job Specfic Questions

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Mindfulness,when Contacting the Refernce
Mindfulness,when Contacting the Refernce

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Professional Services

Skills Assessment & Gap Analysis

Evaluate the skills within your current workforce, identify gaps, and develop targeted strategies for upskilling or hiring to ensure you have the capabilities needed for success. 

Succession Planning

Safeguard your organization's future by developing a robust succession plan. ThoughtStorm helps you identify and nurture internal talent, ensuring a smooth transition for key roles. 

Diversity & Inclusion Strategies

Foster a diverse and inclusive workplace. ThoughtStorm collaborates with you to develop and implement strategies that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within your IT teams. 

Comprehensive Talent Solutions For IT Excellence 

Partner with ThoughtStorm’s Talent Advisory services to elevate your workforce, drive innovation, and achieve lasting success in the ever-evolving IT landscape. Our collaborative and strategic approach ensures that your talent strategy aligns seamlessly with your business objectives. 

Comprehensive Talent Solutions For IT Excellence 

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Executive Search Services

ThoughtStorm's executive search services identify and secure top-level talent for leadership roles. We leverage our extensive network and industry insights to connect you with the right executives to drive your organization forward. 

Contract Staffing Solutions

Quickly scale your workforce with our flexible contract staffing solutions. ThoughtStorm provides skilled IT professionals on a temporary basis, allowing you to meet project demands without the long-term commitment. 

Talent Development Programs

Invest in the growth and development of your existing talent pool. ThoughtStorm designs and delivers customized training and development programs to enhance the skills and capabilities of your IT teams. 

Consultative Recruitment Services

Experience a consultative approach to recruitment. ThoughtStorm's recruitment experts collaborate closely with your team, providing insights, market trends, and strategic guidance to ensure successful talent acquisition. 

Managed Services For Recruitment

Streamline your recruitment processes with ThoughtStorm's managed services. From candidate sourcing to onboarding, we handle the entire recruitment lifecycle, allowing your HR team to focus on strategic initiatives. 

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Technology Expertise

Benefit from ThoughtStorm's deep understanding of the IT landscape. Our recruiters possess technical expertise, enabling us to identify and assess candidates with the specific skills and knowledge required for your IT roles. 

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