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Do you have complex business challenges? We have answers.


Digital Services

We are uniquely positioned to help with end-to-end digital services, amplify digital outcomes, and provide an intelligent connected experience for our end customers.


Consulting Services

We have an expansive network of consultants in specialized fields that can help you evolve your business in rapidly changing market conditions.


Solutions Services

Our industry insights, deep technical knowledge and hands-on experience allows us to deliver practical solutions that are aimed at making your business grow faster and thrive against the competition.


Managed Services

We deliver the best in class IT design, implementation, and monitoring services and support. Keep your mind focused on your bottom line and let us do the rest.


We can help you reimagine your business and discover opportunities that you thought never existed. Let us bridge the gap between your today and your tomorrow. Talk to us


About Us

ThoughtStorm is a global firm providing consulting solutions and services to organizations of all sizes across various industries.


Hands on Leadership

Our Senior Leadership Team consists of successful and seasoned professionals that have consistently delivered results across multiple industries. They are not afraid to roll up their sleeves in order to ensure client success.

Fast and Effective Delivery

We do not take a siloed approach when it comes to the delivery of our initiatives. We encourage the free flow of information between departments and all levels of management so that we can deliver our solutions and services with efficiency.

Client First Mindset

We are extremely client focused. Our decisions and actions are driven by a client first mindset.


Complexity becomes simplicity with THOUGHTSTORM

At ThoughtStorm, we simplify the process of managing complex changes. We are a group of business professionals experienced in managing large scale transformations for both public and private sector clients.

Our consultants have managed complex and strategic programs for organizations, which have grown their business and increased profitability.


Strategic Partnerships

We leverage our Strategic Partners to deliver value and efficiency.

Global presence with Local expertise

We have the capability to deliver unique solutions and services, no matter where you are.

Project Delivery

We have delivered over 100 projects to clients within the Private and Public sectors and across multiple industries..


Connect with us!

One Stop Shop

Maximize your organization’s ability to stay a head of the curve by taking advantage of our team’s expertise and experience. ThoughtStorm can be you can be your IT strategist, your technology consultant, your development team, your cyber security specialist, your help desk, developer, and so, so much more.

Contact Info

Toronto Airport Corporate Centre 2425 Matheson Boulevard East, 8th Floor Mississauga, L4W 5K4, Canada



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