Artificial Intelligence in Government- Efficient, Effective and Responsive

As artificial intelligence (AI) increasingly is coming into the mainstream, Public Sector is an excellent environment to apply AI, where vast troves of data can be leveraged to make government work smarter for its constituents. From large scale infrastructure projects like bridges/roadways or public services like reviewing patent applications, to policy decisions about staff allocation/distance education, AI can help streamline processes and improve decision-making.

  1. AI Improves Infrastructure– AI can learn to accurately predict infrastructure lifespan. With predictive maintenance, we can anticipate and avoid failure and spend time only on assets that need service. We can thus spend less on maintenance and extend the life and productivity of our infrastructure.
  2. AI improves efficiency– Resource and service demand forecasts from AI make it easier to improve the use of both staff and infrastructure. With applied AI, the public sector would have the potential to redeploy staff to more productive positions thereby reducing operating expenses. We can increase the efficiency of public services by anticipating demand and optimizing our resources accordingly.
  3. AI makes industries more effective– AI can help spot policy problems by predicting citizen sentiment and can augment policy decisions by narrowing choices to only those options that will optimize the use of staff time and resources.
  4. AI is more responsive– AI can learn to spot anomalies in vast amounts of data and automate the process of reviewing documents (like applications for patents and licenses) and recommending administrative action. It is estimated that with AI, we can reduce some administrative error by 20 percent and decrease the time/cost of awarding contracts by 30 percent.
  5. AI will create more jobs– AI is already creating 3 new categories of jobs- trainers, explainers, and sustainers. Some roles are highly technical, but others may just demand empathy and interaction. This opens a new window of opportunities for a diverse and booming workforce.

The real takeaway is that any approach to AI will need to consider the human aspect of every business. AI has great potential to increase efficiency and accuracy and has already been proven in many industries. TSI experts can help you understand how AI can help your organization transform. Contact us at and visit to know more!

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