Connected Living- A Reality

The Internet of Things has been a futuristic vision for decades, but it is here now to augment and optimize our lives in myriad ways. From connected homes to smart and sentient cities, IoT is set to revolutionize the way we live and go about our routine activities.

· Pervasive Sensors and IoT- Advances in computation and new energy sources will enable the distribution of smaller devices and sensors. These will inform us about our homes, cities, bodies, and the way we live.
· Mobile edge Computing- Low-latency, high-bandwidth wireless networks will push computing power closer to the edge, improving processing times and bringing AI to countless connected devices.
· Extended Reality and Immersive Media- New display technologies like flexible screens and breakthroughs in holograms will combine with gestural and haptic interfaces to enable unprecedented media experiences that stimulate all our senses.
· 5G and beyond- 5G will deliver hyper-fast wireless connectivity, virtually eliminating network delays. This will allow cities and towns to become more connected than ever.

At TSI, we aim to implement these new technologies, and many more, that will soon hit the mainstream and bring the future a lot closer.

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