Deep Learning in Finance and Banking

Given the proliferation of Fintech in recent years, the use of deep learning in finance and banking services has become prevalent. Right from speeding up the underwriting process, portfolio composition and optimization, model validation, Robo-advising, market impact analysis, to offering alternative credit reporting methods, the different use cases of Deep Learning are having a significant impact on the financial sector. The finance industry, including the banks, trading, and fintech firms, are rapidly deploying machine algorithms to automate time-consuming, mundane processes, and offering a far more streamlined and personalized customer experience.

Deep learning algorithms can also analyze hundreds of data sources simultaneously, giving the traders a distinct advantage over the market average. Here are some of the reasons why banking and financial services firms should consider using Deep Learning despite having various challenges –

  • Enhanced revenues owing to better productivity and improved user experience
  • Low operational costs due to process automation
  • Reinforced security and better compliance
  • Trades can be executed at the best possible prices
  • Human errors are likely to be reduced substantially
  • Increased accuracy and reduced chances of mistakes
  • Enables the automatic and simultaneous checking of multiple market conditions

Deep Learning can be used in BFSI in various ways like- Financial Monitoring, making investment predictions, process automation, secure transactions, risk management, algorithmic trading etc.

Deep Learning today plays a crucial role in different aspects of the financial ecosystem from managing assets, assessing risks, providing investment advice, dealing with fraud in finance, document authentication and much more. With our digital culture, strong product management approaches, expertise in software development and machine learning, TSI can successfully work with your organization to build a new technology for your financial business.

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