Feature Discovery

Our team at ThoughtStorm understands how vital feature discovery is to today’s user. Feature discovery is vital to the long-term success of customer’s product. When a client has a great product, app, eCommerce store or website, the team is working hard to consistently add new features and updates to keep the product interesting and aligned with what the customers want and need. An evolving brand and product are how we help you ensure that the customers stay loyal and do not churn out so you can build revenue exponentially overtime.

  • High User Engagement– Keeping users onboard for the long run as the product grows and changes requires high user engagement. To keep users engaged, we want to continually communicate to them in an effective way while creating more value for them with new features and updates.
  • Feature Discovery Elements– Feature Discovery is elements within the user interface that introduce users to a new feature that has just been added or shed light on a feature they may not have noticed.

With Feature Discovery as a tool, TSI’s goal is to natively and effectively communicate new features, under-used features, or promotional offers and features (beta) so that we can keep users in the loop and engaged. There are always those little details that are very valuable that the users tend to miss! Our goal is to introduce new features and updates in a place where it makes sense and is easy for the user to explore right away.

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