Future of AI

MNCs and their GICs are leading the way in terms of AI adoption in the world and this can be accelerated even further. COVID 19 has accelerated the evolution of the way work is designed and delivered. Many companies and countries are experimenting with innovation using emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), to reimagine their businesses and operating models making themselves more agile, flexible and responsive.

Enhanced computing power, digitization, increase in data storage capabilities at reduced costs has improved applicability of AI in business and society. This has resulted in an enhanced focus on AI with many organizations and economies focusing on building and scaling up AI capabilities. Some of the sectors that have adopted AI include:

  • Banking & Financial Services Industry- FinTech companies around the globe have started using AI to develop customized financial products for the people, and many banks have started to adopt AI to increase digitization to improve customer experience, improve investment returns and use algorithms in risk management etc.
  • Pharma & Healthcare- Healthcare industry has been using AI based devices to capture patient information, and make medical intervention decisions.
  • Agriculture- AI can be used to result in a higher crop yield by using algorithms to monitor crop and soil health and plan events like crop harvesting, pest control and fertilization to optimize yields.

Organizations around the globe are looking to scale up their AI ecosystem while keeping in mind the overall social development and inclusiveness agenda. With our engineering-driven culture, strong product management approaches, expertise in software development and machine learning, TSI can successfully work with your organization to build a new technology for your business.

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