Scaling Enterprise AI for Business

Research shows that scaling AI across the organization is a crucial step to stay in business in today’s times. To scale effectively, organizations need to have a clear AI strategy, diverse teams and ethical frameworks built into their AI, among other things. The best way to navigate how to get the most business value from your enterprise AI investment is using this 7-step guide-
1. Making the biggest impact in the shortest space of time- “AI” encompasses a vast range of technologies. With so much great AI out there, it will require laser focus to keep your primary strategic business goals in front of mind.
2. Encourage the growth- AI is becoming the hot trend that finance, legal, marketing, and operations all want supporting their systems. This interest is very welcome and should be harnessed to demonstrate how AI can deliver greater business value.
3. Enterprise vision for AI- A good place to start is to align your AI goals with your business roadmap. You can then work on your AI roadmap, in which you can afford to get more granular in terms of the processes, milestones, key investment areas such as technologies, talent, and training.
4. Human + AI- For enterprises looking for external help integrating AI into the business, options exist to suit all budgets and meet all needs from individual freelancers to digital engineering services specialists to the global services firms.
5. Putting data to work- The AI-based technologies most enterprises are setting their sights on all demand a coherent and efficient approach to data. With so much data generated almost constantly, enterprises need to carefully consider the data points that will really make a difference to them.
6. Getting Started- An effective “production line” combines strategy, tools, people, and processes to get projects up and running.
7. Winning people over- If we want AI systems to take on increasingly “intelligent” decision-making, we need to be comfortable with the choices they are going to make, whether we are employees, customers, patients, partners, or prospective employees.
At TSI, we understand that AI to deliver business value is one of the biggest digital business challenges facing businesses today. Whether your organization is looking to automate critical business processes, support decision-making, or identify new opportunities, TSI can help you harness the power of AI.

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