Search and Content Analytics

As data grows, insight-driven enterprises need to reinvent their data supply chains to stay agile and create competitive advantages. Combining AI technologies like machine learning and natural language processing with search and content analytics, we can help unlock hidden value within your unstructured data and deliver transformative business outcomes.
TSI help clients build these intelligent solutions to drive transformation across all business functions.
· Intelligent Enterprise Search- Use AI technologies like NLP, semantic understanding, and machine learning to deliver cognitive search and improve knowledge management.
· Intelligent Document Understanding- Extract insights from resumes to complex compliance, legal, and financial documents, to improve business processes and outcomes.
· Data Storage Optimization analytics- Provide visibility into enterprise data storage and reduce costs by deleting or migrating stale and obsolete content.
· Log search and analytics- Scale and customize enterprise-class log analytics applications for operational performance and intelligence in IT and business.
· Data Search and analytics- Digitize, process, and enable search and analytics across data, enhancing knowledge sharing, planning, and exploration.

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