The intersection of ITSM and Machine Learning

In this fast-paced and ever-changing digital world, ITSM (IT service management) solutions are trying to keep up with rising customer expectations, and they are sometimes ineffective in offering high-level experiences that next-generation customers seek. With IT ecosystems these days, transforming at an accelerated rate, adoption of emerging technologies is becoming increasingly vital for service and support desks. Exponential technological growth and data proliferation are intensifying the work pressure of IT managers, but machine learning and automated processes can mitigate the load significantly. IT service management teams, as a fundamental driver of business operations and growth, can use machine learning to reduce time-intensive, manual tasks, and to streamline processes. Mentioned are some key ITSM-related machines learning applications that will liberate IT professionals to help them impact the business’s bottom line-
· Increased efficiency
· Effective management in asset lifecycle
· Dynamic problem prediction and proactive prevention
· Reduced transformation risks
At TSI, we aim to incorporate technologies like AI and ML to improve our IT service management services.

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