ThoughtStorming with Jon Trask- Impact of IoT in our Lives

Members of the ThoughtStorm team recently met with Jon Trask, CEO of Blockchain Guru, and an industry leader in AI and IoT solutions, to discuss IoT – effecting our everyday lives and the impact in key industries.

IoT is continuing to evolve over the last 5 years and the need AT corporations and individuals has driven this evolution”, Jon stated. As people are adopting IoT sensors and devices, it is driving down the price and making IoT much more accessible than it was 5 years ago”.  IoT sensors are all around us, including the smart watch and smart phones,  allowing these devices to collect data including our location, our heart rate, and blood pressure.  “IoT is present in our lives in really unique ways“, said Jon.  Some examples Jon shared include:

·  Monitoring Health – IoT is helping humans monitor their health by keeping track of their heart rate, blood pressure, and other medical data and thus helping in increasing our life span.

·  Supply Chain – IoT sensors are also being used to track the health and location of cattle and dairy products.

·  Food Products – IoT sensors are used to keep track of temperatures of certain food products, ensuring and checking at every step of the supply chain to ensure optimal temperature is maintained.  

·  Product Transportation – IoT sensors have also proven to be useful in the Oil and Gas industry, by monitoring the movement and measurement of gas in moving railcars, or other forms of transportation.

·  Traceability of Product – IoT will track products through their lifecycle, impacting cleaning of shipping products, and ensuring containers meet the requirements before being used for product shipping.

According to Jon, some key industries that can benefit from IoT would include Healthcare, Transportation, Retail, Agriculture and Dairy – and many organizations that have a Supply Chain.  Jon shared that “Most trucking companies use transponders, an IoT sensor, that helps us track their location, movement and other data as required, thus making the Trucking industry a key component of the overall supply chain

Jon Trask states “Every organization needs to understand their business – and IoT consultants can evaluate the opportunities for improving in their business and to see how IoT can help their business“. This is where ThoughtStorm and Blockchain Guru help our clients.   Let us help you understand how IoT can assist your business today!

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