New Partnership- TSI and Apption

Recently, ThoughtStorm Inc. (TSI) and Apption entered a strategic alliance to benefit from each other’s expertise in various fields and present a diverse set of services to their clients.

Apption works with organizations that need data-centric software solutions. Their client list includes government organizations handling financial transactions, health treatment and safety issues, statistics, tracking and service delivery. They are working in the private sector with retailers, service providers, financial sector players enabling their businesses with advanced custom software solutions.

Together, TSI and Apption aim to provide solutions in the areas like cloud, proof of concept, machine learning, cyber security, process optimization, data discovery and other related fields. With Apption’s expertise and knowledge, TSI can provide its clients with products that will help them assess, manage, and protect their databases against digital risks and privacy concerns. We will also offer customized services for business solutions, data architecture models, full stack engineering etc. as required by our clients.

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