TSI and Anubudh enter a strategic alliance

TSI recently partnered with the Anubudh- an EdTech company, with the intent to scale and enhance the learning experiences anywhere in the world for our clients.

Anubudh provides customized platforms for educational institutions with artificial intelligence-based technologies and latest learning management systems. With this partnership between TSI and Anubudh, we will together create latest technology driven edtech applications and products that bridge the technical gaps in any edtech business or educational institute. Our knowledge and skills will help our customers to achieve the maximum value of solution provided by TSI and Anubudh.

  • Live Classes Platforms– TSI and Anubudh will provide live class applications where the trainer can share the lectures, courses, live classes and other instructional materials that will be made available to the students.
  • AI Driven EdTech Platforms– Our team will use artificial intelligence driven apps where the program can assess students’ knowledge and provide relevant coursework to place them back on track.
  • Online Testing Platform– TSI and Anubudh will be able to provide interesting tests and certification programs that will check the learners knowledge and award good or bad scores accordingly.
  • Learning management System– TSI and Anubudh will provide modern learning management systems for online learning delivery and management of all types of educational content, videos and documents.
  • Animating Education Assets – TSI and Anubudh will provide technology to make online lessons interactive, more engaging and fun.

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