TSI partners with Difenda

TSI has partnered with Difenda- a global cybersecurity leader with decades of experience. Together TSI and Difenda will help our clients defend against cyber espionage and manage their security risk. We incorporate big data analytics, machine learning technologies, and artificial intelligence to prevent, detect, and respond against sophisticated cyber threats. Some of our key services for our clients are-

  • Compliance- TSI and Difenda will work together to help our clients navigate the challenges of compliance, whether for the first time or as part of an ongoing compliance program by conducting compliance gap assessment, audit reviews, compliance roadmap planning, and remediation planning.
  • Penetration Testing- We understand that even the most sophisticated systems are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Hence, we provide organizations a proactive cybersecurity strategy that involves regularly testing the client’s defenses. By identifying vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in the systems, the clients are better equipped to strengthen their security program.
  • Vulnerability Assessments– Our cyber threat intelligence team has a deep understanding of the current threat landscape and hackers’ advanced techniques. We identify vulnerabilities, determine the likelihood of a threat, and prioritize remediation activities.
  • Managed detection and response ( MDR)- The MDR service allows organizations of all types to benefit from a world-class security operations program, previously only available to banks and other large enterprises, without the major capital investment, resource constraints, and operational expenditures of building and running it “in-house.”

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