TSI Partners with TCS

ThoughtStorm Inc. has partnered with TCS with the aim to create a profitable, sustainable, growing business while offering truly differentiated, high value digital transformation solutions for our customers for years to come.

With TCS as a partner, TSI has gained exposure to an exceptional portfolio of integrated, modular, purpose-built, digital transformation solutions, and in-depth knowledge about emerging technologies like Big Data Analytics, IoT, AI, Machine Learning etc. TSI and TCS have access to TCS’ deep technology, industry and business knowledge and support, based on 45+ years of successful IT service and solution experience, with proven success in digital transformation projects. We aim to expand our services to the public sector and large addressable markets, including but not limited to Retail, Banking , Communications and Cities and provide incremental services opportunity, including integration services, hosting, white labelling, complimentary application development etc. and personal attention to growth by dedicated sales, marketing, technical and services support teams that help our clients WIN every step of the way!

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