TSI Partners with TILE

Toolwire TILE is an AI-powered learning experience platform that unifies content + collaboration + experiential learning. TILE enables personalized skilling at scale with virtual labs, gamification, and video coaching. With TILE, Fortune 500 enterprises enhance their learning agility and empower their most valuable assets – their employees.

E-learning has long been recognized as offering considerable advantages over conventional classroom-based training when it comes to training employees and management quickly, efficiently, and conveniently. Now, e-learning and virtual training are being blended with AI, ML, and analytics to cater to the client’s growing needs. AT TSI, we understand that with the growing demand for such services, our clients need customized and efficient solutions and software to meet their requirements.

Recently TSI partnered with TILE and aims to collaborate in future endeavors to deliver their clients with services like a unified learning experience, AI-powered curation, collaborative labs, and virtual classrooms, video coaching, using business intelligence and analytics in learning programs, virtual simulations, adaptive learning, gamification, knowledge, and skills assessment, and many more.

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