Cloud for data science

Analysis and storage are the two important challenges for organizations, both large and small. Firstly the amount of Big Data generated has accelerated tremendously. Storing this data economically and securely is one of the top priorities of organization which is where Cloud comes into picture. Cloud allows us to bypass the physical limitations of the computers and systems that allow us to deploy analytics and storage capacities of advanced machines. This has given rise to the trend of hiring skilled data analysts, data engineers and above all data scientists.
Cloud computing can help a data scientist use platforms such as Windows Azure, which can provide access to programming languages, tools and frameworks, both for free as well as for a fee.
Processing data and shifting it to Cloud organizations avails two benefits, including tackling large sets of data for decision making and reducing the overall cost of infrastructure. With a huge demand in both the fields and billions of dollars of investment both are here to stay.
At TSI, we aim to provide cloud related services, data analysis, a combination of both, and much more!

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