How Cloud Computing is changing management

Cloud computing, as we know, is the delivery of on-demand computing services- from applications to storage and processing power – typically over the internet and on a pay-as-you-go basis. Instead of owning their own data centres, companies can rent access for services like applications, storage etc. from cloud service providers. It helps companies avoid upfront cost and complexity of owning and maintaining their own IT infrastructure. In return, the cloud providers benefit by delivering the same services to a wide range of customers.

Cloud computing has become the default option for many applications as most software vendors offer their services over the internet rather than standalone products. The exact benefits of using cloud for a company vary depending on the service being used, but generally, using cloud services means that companies don’t have to buy or maintain their own computing infrastructure. There is no need to now buy servers, update applications or operating systems, or decommissioning and disposing of hardware or software when it is out of date. All this is taken care of by the supplier.

  • Cloud enables us to implement a flexible work structure as it facilitates the information travel in both directions, across computing systems. Such a system is suitable to anticipate customer needs. Key attributes of this new system are data collection and analysis, followed by changes to product software.
  • Public cloud computing, offered by companies like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, is viewed as a cheaper and more efficient way for companies to store and process data.
  • Lower costs have been reason enough for many companies to shut down their proprietary data centres and consume computational power and attendant software as a series of on-demand services. Others use cloud computing software in their own data centres, as a means of increasing resources and working faster.
  • The cloud is also a common repository for the collection and analysis of new data, and the place where an increasing number of artificial intelligence operations, like image and speech recognition, are conducted.

Cloud is undoubtedly changing the perception of what IT is. At TSI, we aim to deliver cloud services as per the customer’s needs.

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