Power of Data with IoT and AR

The convergence of cyber, digital, and virtual worlds with the physical world is one of the great promises of Industry 4.0. IoT acts as a bridge between physical assets and digital infrastructure, while AR brings digital to life by interacting with the physical environment in real time. According to recent reports and surveys, Augmented reality (AR) is emerging as the key to unlocking the full potential of IoT deployments. The research identified more than 30 IoT-AR market use cases at play that help businesses better manage equipment and objects, spaces, and enhance human capabilities. AR applications are using the myriad kinds of data generated by IoT devices such as smartphones, HoloLens, Magic Leap, etc. to help employees be more effective and productive.

The IoT-AR blend offers a range of business benefits, such as:

  • Augmentation and standardization: AR encompasses a range of systems and technologies that deliver real-time, hands-on guidance to ensure tasks are completed safely, correctly, and efficiently.
  • Customization and efficiency: Much of the power and utility of AR would be wasted if these systems were not flexible enough to be used in a range of different applications and processes. AR visualizations can be seamlessly adopted for multiple functions and in diverse conditions.
  • Visualizing Data and Interacting with the Environment: IoT-AR solutions help employees visualize, analyze, and understand data, which, in turn, enables them to better navigate their environments.
  • Diagnosing Problems: IoT-AR applications combine various types of data into a single view, helping employees better analyze objects and spaces as well as diagnose problems in physical objects and their surroundings.
  • Taking Action: IoT-AR solutions help employees make smarter decisions by combining a high volume and large variety of context-specific data into a single view.

At TSI, we understand that Connected enterprise is becoming the new business reality and deliver services to meet our client’s requirements in these areas. The convergence of AR and IoT can help transform conventional processes, leading to reduced operational costs and empower businesses to perform better, through opening new channels of revenue, and making informed decisions with more insightful data.

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