Smart Logistics

Smart logistics makes supply chains more effective and efficient at each step. With connected devices in the supply chain and intelligent asset tracking tools, smart logistics brings end-to-end visibility and improves the way companies transport goods, control inventory and mobile assets, replenish stock, and manage the retail experience. For example, sensor-driven asset tracking tools can provide insight at each stage of shipment, tracking moisture, heat, and vibration to give companies real-time visibility as a product moves through the supply chain.

At TSI, we aim to develop an intelligent strategy to provide logistics solutions and services to our clients. Some of them are-

  1. Intelligent Distribution strategy- We maintain different corporate systems such as ERP, CRM, WMS to manage the orders received.
  2. Dashboards- We can include customized dashboards and KPIs to assure control and continuous improvement.
  3. Smart Planning- We generate optimized strategies for product distribution, and offering customers the best services with the lowest possible logistic cost.
  4. Smart Tracking- We control the distribution plan execution in real-time using a unified platform for GPS providers.
  5. Mobile Workforce– Offering mobile applications to enhance customer satisfaction.

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