The 2020 ERP and HCM Report reveals that the average implementation duration is roughly 18 months In ERP and HCM plan and timeline vendors and systems integrators treat all companies equally or otherwise fail to consider these important variables, which vary from company to company.
Here are some of the things that companies need to consider when developing their implementation plans and timelines:

  1. Magnitude of change. The bigger the change this project will mean for your company the longer it will take.
  2. Number of locations. A higher number of locations requires more time to accommodate different operations.
  3. Number of countries. A higher number of countries in scope requires more time to accommodate different cultures.
  4. Complexity of your operations. The more complex and unique your operations, the longer it will take you to implement.
  5. Your internal competencies. The less implementation experience and capabilities your internal team has, the longer the project will likely take.
  6. Number of internal project resources. The less project resources you commit to the project, the longer it will generally take.
  7. Level of internal alignment. The less executive committee alignment as a group and with the digital transformation team, the more time will be required.